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Everything Will Be Ukraine! - not alone on the battlefield!
Demine your fields
dsns zsu asu minAgro - not alone on the battlefield!
Demine your fields
Take right decisions
in time of war!
Since the war has started, many of the fields have become battlegrounds or have been severely damaged.

Most agrarians are confused and unable to work confidently in the fields. The Internet is flooded with video footage of agricultural machinery being destroyed by landmines. Some are watching their winter crops damaged as a result of active military operations, terrified to estimate their losses. All this forces producers in the hot spots to seek solution to work on.
And it is already on the table!
The “Military.feodal” project, under the aegis of the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine in cooperation with the State Emergency Service (SESU) and the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU), is designed to assist farmers whose fields have sustained damage from military operations.
All farmers can report mines or suspected explosivesб in their fields, as well in cases of damaged or abandoned machinery, unexploded ordnance or debris.
The application is then promptly processed by the Feodal team, and sent to the responsible authorities (SESU, AFU, Agrarian Ministry). The project engages all possible solutions to ensure that the fields are cleared as quickly as possible.
Military hardware
Crop loss
We will not allow the sowing campaign to be disrupted by the russian occupants!
Our team forwards the applications
to the relevant authorities (SESU, AFU, Agrarian Ministry)

Mines and destroyed military hardware in the field? What to do about it?

Fill in an application
Point out the presumed danger points on the map
умовні точки небезпеки на карті
Select the cause
  • Mines
  • Military hardware
  • Munition
  • Crop loss
Wait until the application is processed

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